Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jams, what jams?

On the bus today, we had trouble getting over the Albert roundabout, Colchester.

What was wrong? Yes, cars were in the way -- which as any Colcestrian will tell you is the de facto state of the roads here.

Now, though, the Cymbeline Way traffic lights have been installed in their new position and are working.

Essex County Council spent an obscene sum of money on moving the lights 800m to the west. They had argued that pedestrians and cyclists pressing the button to cross the road were holding up "beleaguered" car drivers.

The work, they said, was necessary to address car congestion. This is despite the fact that the move would hugely inconvenience walkers and cyclists (transport modes they're allegedly trying to encourage).

We covered this paradox in a post about how "money for cycling" could be very, very bad news.

So the lights are in and working and, hey, cars are still jammed.

The county has again wasted a bucketful of money and it is having the cheek to ask for more via tax demands.

Will Bramhill,

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