Saturday, March 05, 2016

Find out how Essex Highways is wasting £750,000 of your money ... and getting away with it

Do you care about the wages you never see that disappear in income tax?

The money that disappears monthly in council tax?

The 20 per cent of your hard-earned cash you pay in VAT every time you buy a "luxury" in a shop or a restaurant?

If so, read how Essex County Council is wasting £750,000 of YOUR money and email the people listed below. There's a little more background from September.

Essex is spending it on a cycle scheme that residents don't want and councillors don't want.

It is so poorly designed that us cyclists don't want it. We say most riders won't use it — and the road is so quiet they'll stay on the road.

Even the leading council officer working on it* admits it will be virtually useless in achieving its aim of "economic generation".

If you care, please email the people below this week ( 5-12 March, 2016).

Tell them how disgusted you are that your money is being spent in this way. Ask them to Stop the Scheme in its current form. This is urgent because work began late last week (March 3).

Note that The Bike Committee of Colchester Cycling Campaign doesn't usually campaign like this, but we've run into a brick wall and we're sick to the stomach that our money is being spent in this way.

You should be able to cut and paste the run-on addresses below into a new email in one swoop.

The people to email are:,,,,,,,

Or if you want to email them individually:

A message could be as simple as:

I am a hard working person who pays tax to central and local government. I support the principle of cycle routes but the project proposed for Mile End Road, Colchester, is poorly planned and will not achieve the aims set. Please Stop the Scheme now.

The council is Conservative-controlled and the key councillors are above.

However, you may also like register your strength of feeling by emailing

Will Quince MP ( [at]
and Labour party leader Julie Young, Lib Dem leader Mike Mackrory and Ukip leader Jamie Huntman. (same email format as for David Finch, above)

* Alan Lindsay, Transport Strategy & Engagement Manager: "I agree that commuters to the railway station are unlikely to use it, but a dad out for a ride with his five-year-old might."


  1. Just emailed them all! What a ridiculous situation. It seems they also havent considered the fact that Mile End Road is on a hill, and bikes go pretty fast down the hill, which is really really not safe to be shared with pedestrians. It seems to be all about funding - free bucket of money to replace the (terrible) pavements, rather than using ECC money - as it is a "cycle path" which attracts special government funding.

  2. Just sent this - ​Dear Council officers and members​, Sorry for the mass-email. However, I do feel strongly and in full agreement with Will Bramhill on the topic of Essex County Council wasting £750,000 of taxpayers' money — OUR money — on a cycle path that even cyclists don't want. There is a rumour that Rodney Bass and others just delete Will's emails on receipt without reading them. I hope that is not the case, and I hope you will read mine and others like mine and take note.
    Thank you and best wishes,
    Robbie Spence

  3. Just sent something suggesting that there must be a better way of spending £750,000 on cycle safety and encouraging cycle use. Was there a public consultation? I must have missed it.......