Friday, April 08, 2016

Looking ahead for Rowhedge

Colchester Cycling Campaign today lodged the following comment on planning application 160551, which is for the former Rowhedge port, across the river from Ferry View in Wivenhoe. You can see the site (hatched in red on map below) by looking right while having a pint in the Rose and Crown on the riverfront at Wivenhoe.

The application is for "demolition of existing vacant commercial units and comprehensive residential redevelopment comprising 86 no. new residential dwellings,together with associated hard and soft landscaping, access, car parking and servicing".

Any further thoughts welcome!


Dear Sir or Madam

CCC welcomes the thought that the developers have put into this scheme.

As part of permission we would hope to see:

• A s106/CIL contribution towards the Rowhedge Trail for cycles/pedestrians connecting Rowhedge village with the Hythe, Colchester
• A s106/CIL contribution towards connecting the cycle route through the estate to Fingringhoe (together with practical help from the developer)
• The southern end of the north-south cycle route left open for possible future continuation to Fingringhoe
• A "design feature" or "gathering point" at the extreme east of the site to allow for community interaction
• The riverside footway given bridleway status

We welcome the north-south cycleway/footway but we would suggest that cyclists and pedestrians are segregated from each other by means of a low kerb. The cycle part of the route could also be used by the elderly/disabled in mobility scooters.

We would like the southern end of this route left open for possible future continuation to Fingringhoe. It is important to stress that this route would not be just for residents but for current villagers who ride for leisure.

We would like to see the build quality exceed current Essex standards and the developer could look at the north-south cycle superhighway in London (Blackfriars Bridge) for treatment/ideas. (more information on the proposed Fingringhoe link from neil [at], who would be happy to talk to the developer)

The riverside footpath should be given bridleway status and opened to cyclists with similar segregated treatment -- the more attractive this scheme is, the better it will be for house sales.

The access road corridor should be limited to 20mph in line with Essex Design Guide and Manual for Streets; we would suggest alternating centre-of-road low hedging with kerb build-outs to enforce lower speeds. Young cyclists should be given access to the recreation field via this route.

Secure cycle parking should be provided at the western end of the access road if this is intended to be the pick-up/drop-off point for school buses.

Cycle parking within homes is touched upon in 5.5 of the transport statement, but only in the chapter title. Cycle parking should be provided to the Essex Parking Design Standard. Again, we are happy to advise the developer.

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