Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Wivenhoe (Colchester Road) to Essex University cycle link review 

by Jim Rayner

This new route (which had been an aspiration of Essex CC & University for several years) finally opened in April 2016

·         800metres long and 3m wide. Shared use and unsegregated
·         Cost £1.9m (which included a contribution of £250,000 from Essex Univ.)
·         Included a toucan (push button) crossing at the southern end opposite ‘The Flag’ public house
·         Main road realigned, new trees and hedges planted, plus the installation of new fences and drainage

What’s good
·        The surface is lovely and smooth and has good connecting links with the surrounding roads
·        This is probably the best new cycle/pedestrian scheme in the Colchester area for many years
·        Other design features include an approximate 800mm grass strip between the road and the path and setting-back of the lamp posts into the verge, so that they don’t impede
·        Another good feature is the cantilevering of the ‘Welcome to Wivenhoe’ sign over the path

What’s perhaps, not so good

·        It is a pity the scheme didn’t go further. I would have liked to have seen it extended down the southern side of Boundary Road another 100m or so
·        It could have been slightly wider at 4metres, thus providing more space for the segregation of pedestrians / cyclists and a possible demarcated centre line
Additional improvements could have been made in Wivenhoe, particularly around the railway station
The project overran and was delayed but, overall the scheme represents a welcome addition to Colchester’s cycling network

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