Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Ipswich and Harwich Road roundabouts - closure of cycle tracks

by Paul Avison

The following is perhaps one of the worst examples of how to manage highways during roadworks. To this observer it represents a cavalier and negligent attitude towards cyclists.

A sign advising no overtaking cyclists through roadworks.
An engineer on site explained that all the signing was "completely in line" with the requirements of Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 8, and that they had not been asked to do otherwise.

However Chapter 8 states in para D3.32.18 ‘When cycle routes and other facilities for the exclusive use of cyclists and pedestrians are affected by roadworks the changes should be clearly signed well in advance of the roadworks’.

Approaching the Ipswich Rd roundabout, pedestrians
are directed across to the south side
of Cowdray Avenue.
No direction for cyclists!

Para D3.32.19 says: "Where there is cycle provision, such as cycle lanes or tracks, efforts should be made to keep these open or to provide an acceptable alternative during the road works."

Neither of these requirements are being met. 

Looking south across the carriageway
crossing, signs for pedestrians but
cyclists are ignored.
This sequence of pictures on this page illustrates what a cyclist is presented with, cycling along the shared footpath at the side of Cowdray Avenue in an easterly direction, and St Andrew’s Avenue in a westerly direction.

If ECC Highways is to retain  respect, these shortcomings should be resolved without delay.

Into Ipswich Road and directions for
pedestrians but NO direction for cyclists.
It is assumed that as a cyclist you
continue across the crossing
of Ipswich Road.

Across Ipswich Road and directions
for pedestrians but no direction
for cyclists. The cycle track is closed!

Approaching Ipswich Road roundabout
from the east there are again
directions for pedestrians,
but cyclists are ignored!

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